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Karaoke Times

Family Fun Time

Karaoke Times is an affordable family Karaoke entertainment outlet which is equipped with state of the art music equipment in 11 tastefully furnished rooms and a hall with panoramic view. We strive to provide a classy and cozy singing environment for the patrons to enjoy unlimited family fun!

We offer thousands of songs from more than 15 languages and dialects for selection:

• English• Mandarin
• Cantonese• Hokkien
• Teochew• Malay
• Tamil• Hindi
• Thai• Filipino
• Japanese• Vietnamese
• Bahasa Indonesia• Hangul (Korean)
• Khmer (Cambodia)

We offer the convenience of songs selection via your mobile phone or the tablets located in each room or the singing hall, no more crowding around the KTV console waiting for your turn to pick a song! Cheap Karaoke places have never been so high tech!

Using your mobile phones, you can even save your favorite songs into Favorites and easily re-select your songs again in your next visit!

Our Rates

Patrons will enjoy our cheap Karaoke room rates as we do not have any additional charges for the number of person in the room!

We only charge per room per hour and not per pax. Which means you can have 10 pax in our Large Room (peak charges of $22 /hr) and only pays $2.20 each!

NO extra charge for the number of pax

Happy Hours
Mon to Fri 12pm - 6pm (Except Public Holidays)
Peak Hours
Everyday 6pm onwards, whole day Sat / Sun / PH
Small Room $12 /hrSmall Room $18 /hr
Medium Room $14 /hrMedium Room $20 /hr
Large Room $16 /hrLarge Room $22 /hr
Hall Table $8 /hrHall Table $12 /hr
Late Night Promotion
Sun to Thur 9pm - 12am (Except Public Holidays)
Sing 2 hours FREE 1 hour

3 Hours Promotion
Mon to Fri 12pm - 6pm (Except Public Holidays)
Small Room $28
Medium Room $32
Large Room $36

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